How to create check points in QTP?

By | May 18, 2009

There are two methods for creating check points.
1. After recording
2. during recording

1. After recording:-
In this method, You can create checkpoint after recording using active screen. To activate “active screen” you have to click on view->Active screen.
After activating active screen, you have to put your cursor on your recorded script.
When you put cursor on any line of code at the same time in active screen you will be able to see image related to the line of code. Now on the active screen if you do right click you will be able to put different kind of check points according your requirement.

2.during recording
In this method, you can create checkpoint during recording, for that whenever you are in between the recording and you want to put check point just click on Insert->check point->standard checkpoint, after doing this you can create check point by just clicking on any text or image.
You can customize your checkpoint setting after completing recording also.

If you are facing any issue during check point you can share your problem. you are always welcome.

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