Webpage automation using QTP

By | May 16, 2009

Hi friends,

You learnt a simple execercise which opens notepad and write someting in it and close it.
Now I am going to teach you about automation of webpage.

Follow mention steps to automate simple webpage:-

First of all press “F3” to start recording.

1. Go to start and click on “Run”

2. write http://google.com/ in “Run” window.

3. then type some thing to search for e.g “mba”

4. close the google web page.

5. stop recording using “F4”.

Now you can automate the script using “F5″….

The script will look like this>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

SystemUtil.Run “http://google.com/“,””,””,””
Browser(“Google”).Page(“Google”).WebEdit(“q”).Set “mba”
Browser(“Google”).Page(“mba – Google Search”).Sync


Some time if there is a low speed of connection then, the script recorded by you might be failed if this doesn’t happen than you need to put check points which ultimately provides you a enough delay between two webpages.

I will teach you in detail about what is check points and how to put and advantages of check points.,

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