QTP and Automated testing

By | May 16, 2009

Hi Friends,

This is the new era of automation, there is a lots of demand of people who are in automation field.

QTP is the one of the most powerful automation tool of mercury which provides best solution for GUI (Graphical user Interface) automation.

If you want to go and want to make your carrer on automation front than you can definately make good money out of them.

If you have done graduate (b.com,B.A,B.Sc,B.E,BCA,MCA) you can definately go for automation field…

So the first way to go and make your dream career true, you have to learn QTP…

So be ready to think beyond the sky………..

Advantages of automated testing:

Automation testing is a kind of gift for test engineer. First of all let’s see drawbacks of manual testing and than advantages of automation.

Drawback of manual testing:

– It is time consuming and tedious
– require more human resources
– Repetition of test cycle tends to testing boring and monotonous so heavy chances of human error.
– You can’t do stress testing manually. (Stress testing: Kind of testing in which you have to test similar test case for long hours.)

Advantages of automated testing:

– Reduce chances of human error in repetition of test cycle.
– Time saving
– Require less human resources
– Reliable: It is mostly reliable in case of stress testing (Kind of testing in which you have to test similar test case for long hours.)
– Programmable: You can program in such way that can catch hidden information.
– Reusable: You can use your developed scripts on different version of website.

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