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Here is the list of QTP faqs and its answers, I have gathered it for you from my past experience.
You are also welcome to contribute in this FAQS.

1. What is QTP?

– QTP stands for Quick test professional. It is automation tool developed by mercury and used for GUI (Graphical user interface) automation.

2. How many types of view are there in QTP?
– Expert view and keyword view

3. How many types of recording does QTP support?
– Normal recording
– Low level recording
– Analog recording

4. What is object repository in QTP?
– It contains all objects recorded by QTP in tree view for the current test.
Two types of object repository: local and shared object repository.

5. What do you mean by shared object repository?

– It is a common repository which stores the objects in a file that can be accessed by multiple tests.

6. What is object spy?
– It opens the dialog box which enables you to view the run-time or test object properties and methods of any object in an open application.

7. How many types of checkpoint exist?

– Standard checkpoint
– Image checkpoint
– Table checkpoint
– Page checkpoint
– Text checkpoint
– Text area checkpoint
– XML checkpoint
– Bitmap checkpoint
– Database checkpoint
– Accessibility checkpoint

8. What is the use of accessibility checkpoint?

– Identifies areas of a Web site to check for Section 508 compliancy.

9. How can you retrieve run time value of any object?

– Using GetRoproperty method.

10. How can you check whether run time object is exists or not?

– Using “exist” and “GetROproperty” method.

Using GetRoproperty method:


– If value of Val is 1 than object is disabled or not exist.

Using exist method:


– If value of Val is 0 than object is disabled or not exist.

11. Which statement is used to run and close any application programmatically?

– For running any application: systemutil.run
For e.g. SystemUtil.Run “D:\test.txt”, “”,””,””

– For closing application: close
For e.g. Window(“Text:=test.txt – Notepad”).Close

12. What is the use of “SetTOproperty” method?
– This method enables to modify the property value that QTP use to identify an object.

13. If you don’t know test object properties of any object in your application or your website what will you do?

– Use Object spy to know test object properties of any object.

14. Write script which open dos command prompt, change directory to D:\ and run dir command.

– Dim oShell
Set oShell = CreateObject (“WSCript.shell”)
oShell.run “cmd /K CD D:\ & Dir”
Set oShell = Nothing

15. How will you open an application from a component?

– To add a step that opens an application, select Operation from the Item
column, select OpenApp from the Operation column, and then enter the
the full path in the Value column, for example:

C:\Program Files\Mercury Interactive\QuickTest Professional\bin\QTPro.exe

16. How does QTP record on dynamically generated URLs and Web Pages?

– QTP actually clicks links as they are displayed on the page. Therefore,
QTP records how to find a particular object, such as a link on the page,
Rather than the object itself. For example, if the link to a dynamically
Generated URL is an image, and then QTP records the “IMG” HTML tag,
And the name of the image. This enables QTP to find this image in the
Future and click on it.

17. How will you send keyboard key commands to Web objects?

– Using Sendkeys method.

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