Checkpoints in QTP

By | May 16, 2009

check points:-

– Check points is nothing but a one method which checks the content before or after any step.
User can customize setting according to his/her needs.

– It can provides delay between two steps.

In QTP 9.2 you can see following check points..

Types of check points:-

1. Standard Check Point
2. Bitmap Check Point
3. Database Check Point
4. Text Check Point
5. Text Area Check Point
6. Accessibility Check Point
7. XML Check Point – From Application
8. XML Check Point – From resource

You can put check points in a two way, after recording and during recording.

I will describe in detail how to put check point in my next post….

Standard Checkpoint:- It checks the property value of an object in your application or in a web page. It checks different objects like buttons, radio buttons, combo boxes, lists and etc. For e.g you can check the value of edit box, you can check what type of the box.

Note:- Table check point can be created by inserting standard check point on table object. Table check points check the all value within the table. Same as Table checkpoint, page checkpoint can also be created by inserting standard checkpoint on page object. It checks the characterstic of page.

Bitmap Checkpoint:- It checks the particular area of your application or webpage pixel to pixel. So you should be very careful to put this check point.

Text Checkpoint:- It checks the text displayed on your application or web page. Suppose you want to check this text “Host is created successfully”, you can also create customized checkpoint like you can configure that checked text is “created”, before text is “Host is” and after text is “successfully”.

Text Area Checkpoint:- It checks the text displayed on your application or web page on specific area. You can check existance of the text string on a particular area.

Accessibility Checkpoint:- It identifies areas of your Web site that may not conform to the W3C (World Wide Web Consortium) Web Content Accessibility Guidelines.

Database Checkpoint:- It checks the content of data base accessed by your application, you can check the whole database which resides in your web page using this checkpoint.

XML Checkpoint:- It checks the data content of XML documents in XML files or XML documents in Web pages and frames.

XML checkpoint (From Resource) – It is supported for all add-in environments. (web,vb,ActiveX)

XML checkpoint (From Application) – It is supported for only web add-in environment.

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4 thoughts on “Checkpoints in QTP

  1. Anonymous

    Good article…
    Can you please guide with some example which one of these “Text checkpoint” and “Text area checkpoint” is better?
    And in what situations one should use them?

    Thanks in advance

  2. Anonymous


    Text Checkpoint: You can use text checkpoint if you want to verify any particular word present or not anywhere in webpage.

    Text Area Checkpoint: You can use text area checkpoint if you want to verify any particular word at particular location (for e.g exactly at top corner side of webpage.

    Let me know if you are still confuse.


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