QTP vs Winrunner

By | June 29, 2009

QTP vs Winrunner

In my old post comparison of GUI automation testing tools, I have listed features of QTP,winrunner, testpartner and silktest.
But today I am more inclined towards QTP and winrunner and want to give you some more knowledge of QTP over winrunner. Both are product of mercury.

This post is very useful for following people.
1. New people who are in confusion to select between winrunner and QTP.
2. People who are thinking to switch from winrunner to QTP.

So, First Lets quickly describe some features of winrunner:
– It uses in TSL code developed by mercury.(similar to “c” language)
– It supports only one view(directly to code) to create script .
– So It require technical skill in TSL.
– Complex to use compare to QTP.
– TSL is proprietary language so it is restrictive.

Now let’s describe some advantages of QTP over winrunner.
– It uses VB script.
– User interface is easy compare to QTP.

– It supports two view for users.

Tree view:- This view is useful for learner and non technical person.
Expert view:- Technical person directly use this view.

– Script can be enhanced and edited using active screen method. In active screen method windows and objects in your application are captured and saved.

– Parameterization is easier in QTP than winrunner.

– Object identification is better in QTP than winrunner.
– Easier to use than QTP
– VB scripting can be easily embed in QTP so different and advance testing is possible with QTP.

– QTP runs faster thant winrunner

Disadvantages’ of QTP over winrunner

– Little costly than winrunner.
– For advance testing VB script knowledge is must.

I have used both tools so personally speaking I really enjoy working with QTP. So that’s all, you can select any tool in which you find it useful for your test environment.
If you decided to use QTP, than You will get lots of information from this blog. Best luck friends!!!

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