qtp tutorials for beginners

By | May 28, 2010
qtp tutorials for beginners: Today’s post is very much useful for those who are new in QTP and don’t know from where and how to start learning QTP and also for those who wants all qtp related materials, I am also going to include best QTP tutorials, QTP training materials, QTP websites and QTP blogs in this post so that all QTP learners can get fruitful information from one place.

  1. Quicklearnqtp
  2. AdvanceQTP
  3. learnqtp
  4. QTP blogspot
  5. QTP google group
  6. QTP tutorials
  7. Motevich blogspot
  • If you follow all this information sincerely you don’t need to join any QTP training classes, I have provided all required information on QTP tutorials, you all are always welcome to share your important inputs so that our friends can get best knowledge out of that.
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9 thoughts on “qtp tutorials for beginners


    Thanx. you have shared very good information with beginners.can u please share some simple tips to learn VB scripting as the link shared by u is not clear for the person who doesn’t have any pre VB knowlwdge.

  2. Aditya Kalra


    Another book in the market..
    Technology Specific Guide for QTP is a new book that has got great feedback from all the readers. It will get you started on the path of automation, introducing solutions, roadblocks, patches and ideas that will give you a solid foundation in the field of automation. Everyone from a novice user to an automation expert will have something they would have never heard of or used.


    Best Regards,

  3. Bharati Shinde

    Hi Thanks for compiling this great resources.
    What I wanted to inform you was about our newest QTP online free training article series which is designed specifically for beginners.

    QTP Training

    We have just started this series and are adding lot of QTP tutorials on it. If you think this could be the useful resource please include it in the above list of resources.


  4. Tallada Karna

    Hi , i got one scenario . the script line states as Browser(“”).page(“”).webtable(“”).webtable(“”).webelement(“”).set/click/GETROProperty…

    here above case , the webtable names (any one in the flow ,in some cases two ) changed as dynamically like date and time (Ex: 14/05/2013 10:10)and some times 6digit number (any number)in another case
    so ,like this changing the webtable names , how can capture names and properties .and how to manage the Object repository for parameterising the above script ?
    or if it is descriptive how to manage ?
    and if Regular Expressions then can you give me in detailed ,please waiting for help !!!
    Thank you.


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