Export QTP results to PDF

By | July 6, 2010
How to export QTP results/QTP reports into PDF format? I have been asked many times this question and its answer is also very simple. I am going to give a step by step procedure to export QTP results to PDF.

Following are the steps to export QTP results/QTP reports to PDF:

  • Go to Automation->Results.
  • “Untitled – Test Results” Window will be opened, in which you can see small window opened named “Open Test Results”. (If it doesn’t opened than you can open it by click on File->Open in “Untitled – Test Results” window.)
  • Click on “Open File..” and locate the results.xml (QTP result file) file which you want to export into PDF format from /Res1/Report/ location.
  • Now go to File->Export Report, Select File Type as PDF.
  • You can select export format according to your needs than click on OK and save the file.

Using above steps you can easily export QTP results/ QTP reportsĀ  to PDF format.

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