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QTP 10 vs QTP 11

QTP 10 vs QTP 11

QTP 11 is now available in market. There are many updates in QTP 11 with compare to QTP 10. Following are some features which are new in QTP 11 compare to QTP 10.
QTP 10 version was able to identify object through normal object identification method only where QTP11 is able to identify the object in following different ways:
Selenium (Open source WEB UI automation tool) experts will be aware of XPath and CSS method to recognize the objects, I will describe about XPath and CSS object identification method soon in this blog. These methods will make life simpler for QTP 11 users.
In QTP 11, results viewer have been improved to pie charts, statics for both current and previous test runs, summary page.
Support for recording using Firefox is now available which will be really helpful.
Normal object identification method has been updated with “Visual Relation Identifier” in addition to “ordinal identifier” features in which object identification which will depend on relation to neighboring objects and will be helpful to overcome weakness of ordinal identification feature only in QTP10.
“LoadFunctionLibrary” statement in QTP 11 will be helpful to load function library at any step of runs instead of starting of run.
Automatically parameterize steps feature will be available in QTP 11.
New Sliverlight Add-in is supported to test objects in sliverlight 2 and silverlight 3 applications.
Extend WPF and Silverlight support.
Regular expression creation will be very easy in QTP 11.
Now you can test GUI and UI-Less application functionality in one test with QTP 11.
Avoid downtime due to license server failures.
Web 2.0 toolkit applications support.
You are always welcome to share your thoughts on QTP 10 vs QTP 11 features and to give your valuable feedback.
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